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A series of books...

Series Unfinished:
Cali-Amur by Rjurik Davidson - book 2
Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon - book 8*
Flavia de Luce by Alan Bradley - book 1
The Executioner by Don Pendleton - book 371*
Destroyermen by Taylor Anderson - book
The Grimm Trilogy by Adam Gidwitz - book 2
Dragons by Robert Asprin - book 1
The Adversary Cycle by F. Paul Wilson - book 2
Thrawn by Timothy Zahn - book
Tales of Alvin Maker by Orson Scott Card - book
Dexter by Jeff Lindsay - book
Mollisan Town Quartet by Tim Davys - book 3
John Dies by David Wong - book 1
Star Wars Republic Commando by Karen Traviss - book
Bas-Lag Trilogy by China Mieville - book 1
Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia - book 1
Switchers by Kate Thompson - book 1
Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison - book 1
Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede
Shane Schofield by Matt Reilly - book 4*
Gateway to the Realms by Dave Gross - book 4*
Man-Kline Wars by Larry Niven - book 11

Series Complete:
Atlantis by Harry Turtledove
The Sparrow by Mary Doris Russell - book 2 / complete
Dune by Frank Herbert - book
Eastwickq by John Updike - book 2 / complete
The Daemon by Daniel Suarez - book 2 / complete
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - book 3 / complete
John Justin Mallory Mystery by Mike Resnick - book 3*
Dragonback by Timothy Zahn- book / complete
MaddAddam Cycle by Margaret Atwood - book 3 / complete
Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson - book 15 / complete
Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer - book 3 / complete
The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson - book 3 / complete

* Either a series that I didn’t d not start at beginning, or a series that I’m not sure has more books.
** Making an attempt to completion of remaining books of series I had read over the years.
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Year in Review... 2020

So yeah... 2020. What can I really say about this year other than it happened, a real monkey wrench in the cogs of our life.

Not sure about structuring this recap like I’ve done others since feels like far less to say. Two notable traditions in my life were maintained before my life went into lockdown. I attended PAX East and enjoyed volunteering/fursuiting with the usual crew at the Kidz Expo.

Oh another item I’m glad to have accomplished before the lockdown, I managed to see the updated Muppet exhibit in February at the Museum of the Moving Image. Specifically because it had on display items from Dark Crystal Age of Resistance tv show. I still have yet to see this show and... it didn’t get renewed for a second season, but the display was fantastic. And I did manage to watch some clips of the show so there’s that also - looked cute.
I think it has been about six years or so since I last stepped foot in this museum, also to see some muppets on display. Oof, I wonder if I’ll ever get to do that again or other fun memories I have of being in the city - more and more feels like all that is firmly stuck in the past with no chance of revisiting outside my memory.

Then pretty much immediately after that, in March things just... kinda came to a halt. Not time of course, that marched on, but living. To the point that the remainder of the year became a blur.

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Movies 2020

1. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018)
2. El Camino (2019)
3. Angry Birds 2 (2019)
4. The Hoard (2018)
5. Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver (2013)
6. It: Chapter Two (2019)
7. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)
8. Scary Stories to tell in the Dark (2019)
9. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)
10. The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (2006)
11. Squeal (2008)
12. The Stuff (1985)
13. We Are What We Are (2013)
14. Starcrash (1978)
15. Thankskilling (2008)
16. Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019)
19. The Death of Superman (2018)
18. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018)
19. The Devil’s Sword (1984)
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Show status

Television shows - Last Season Watched
??? = Either reminder of show I'm interested in seeing or don't have a season completed yet
This is more of a note to myself, mostly shows I've been purchasing or borrowing from the library.

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., The - season 1 / complete
Agents of SHIELD - season 1
American Gods - season 2
American Horror Story - season 8
Angry Birds Toons - season1/volume 1
Archer - season 9
Arrow - season 7
Ash vs Evil Dead - season 3 / complete

Better Call Saul - season 4
Better Off Ted - season 2 / complete
Big Bang Theory, The - season 12 / complete
Black Dynamite - season 1
Boardwalk Empire - season 5 / complete
Bob's Burgers - season 4
Bojack Horseman - season 2
Bored to Death - season 3 / complete
Boys, The - season 1
Breaking Bad - season 5 / complete
Bump in the Night - season 2 / complete
Burn Notice - season 7 / complete

Castle - ???
Castlevania - season 3
Community - season 6 / complete

Desperate Housewives - season 1
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - season 4
Dexter - season 1
Disenchantment - season 2

Fear the Walking Dead - season 4
Final Space - season 1
Flash, The - season 4
Fresh Off the Boat - season 4 (missed season 3)

Game of Thrones - season 8 / complete
Gotham - season 5 / complete
Gravity Falls - season 2 / complete

Happy! - season 2 / complete
Harley Quinn - season 2
House of Cards - season 6 / complete
How I Met Your Mother - season 9 / complete

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - season 14
iZombie - season 3

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - set 5
Justified - season 6 / complete

Larry Sanders Show, The - season 6 / complete
League, The - season 7 / complete
Lilyhammer - season 1
Limitless - season 1 / complete

Middleman, The - season 1 / complete
Mike Tyson Mysteries - season 1
Modern Family - season 9
Monk - ???
My Hero Academia - season 4

Once Upon a Time - season 7 / complete
Orange is the New Black - season 4
Over the Garden Wall - season 1 / complete

Parks and Recreation - season 7 / complete
Penny Dreadful - season 3 / complete
Portlandia - season 8 / complete
Preacher - season 3
Psych - season 1

Rick and Morty - season 4

Samurai Jack - season 5 / complete
Silicon Valley - season 4
Sons of Anarchy- season 7 / complete
Sopranos, The - season 6 / complete
Space Dandy - season 2 / complete
Stranger Things - season 2
Super Mansion - season 1
Superstore - season 2

Terror, The - season 1
Titans - season 1
True Blood - season 7 / complete
True Detective - season 3
Turbo Fast - season 1
Twin Peaks - season 2
Tyrant - season 1

Veep - season 7 / complete
Venture Brothers, The - season 7
Vice Principals - season 2 / complete

Walking Dead, The - season 9
Wayward Pines - season 1
We Bare Bears - ???
White Collar - season 6 / complete
Witcher, The - season 1
Workaholics - season 7 / complete

Young Justice - season 3
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I haven’t made an update here in a long time, even longer since an actual update rather than just fluff like what I’m watching or reading. Before I get to real news, finally been playing with my PS4. Played a bit of Conan Exiles, some Sekiro, and a few of the indie games I’ve picked up - really loving Dead Cells, super addictive.

Back to real life...

A week ago from today I had another operation on my foot, yes that saga continues and feels never ending. I’ve been seeing a new podiatrist for the past 2+ years roughly and she told me awhile back the only real way to alleviate my constant pain would require another operation. So with the lockdown and working from home, I figured the time was perfect to go through with it. My plans haven’t quite worked out as I’d hoped because I wanted to actually lose weight before the operation and that’s... not happened.

Prior to the operation I was told that the way my foot had healed from my previous bunion surgery I would have to have the bone repositioned, this would require breaking the foot, using a screw to keep it in the new position and let it heal. I was also recommended shortening my second toe (long story short, the first bunion surgery resulted in my big toe being a little shorter so my second toe was now longest and I frequently deal with developing calluses). I thought about that recommendation but decided against it, you lose a lot of movement in that toe because they fuse a joint, I’m not ready for dealing with another long term consequence like that.
Anyway, day of the operation as I’m sitting in the surgical gown my doctor and the other podiatrist who would be assisting tell me they talked it over and don’t think my operation will require more than just removing some bone and shaving the sesamoid bone.

So I’m off from work this week recovering and hoping this fixes the issues I’ve been dealing with the past six years (namely daily pain in my foot). As has been stated before, wish I never got that bunion surgery in 2014. A classic case of the cure being worse than the disease.

I should also mention that back in August I was transferred to a different group at my job. I was asked back in January, maybe a little earlier, that they were thinking of doing a re-org and was I interested in moving to this other group, who my manager told me would be a great move and he was sure I’d love - it also sounded like more work with no new pay. I told him I was comfortable where I was so sorry no. Flash forward to July and I’m told you’re moving to the new group in two weeks. So there’s been that added pressure on me this year...

I’d also like to mention even shittier news. But first I’ll go on a bit of a tangent... so a couple weeks before surgery I was able to reschedule my six month cleaning at the dentist, because I’d rather not have to go there while still in recovery mode or skip it entirely. My operation was originally scheduled for Thursday the 12th, I luckily made a dentist appointment for that Wednesday morning. Then Monday I’m called by podiatrist asking if they can reschedule my surgery to Wednesday (keep in mind I scheduled this surgery time almost two months ago), I’m like sure but gotta be in afternoon because I have a morning appointment - so told 3pm (which means I have to arrive at 2pm for pre-surgery prep). Then I’m at the dentist, I just got new x-rays and they’re gonna start the cleaning and I get a call from surgical center saying can I come in an hour early? Ugh, I’ll try. I did manage to get there early so I’m glad at that at least, though I didn’t get out of dentist until a little after 11 so I was worried I wouldn’t make it.

Had to get that gripe down, but now for the shitty news. So when I first arrived to dentist office I found out my dentist Dr Shin had passed away earlier this summer. I last saw him in July but apparently he had a heart attack in August. He was only 41. Good dentist. Really liked the guy, RIP :(
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Several months back I saw the complete set of How I Met Your Mother on sale and decided to pick it up. I was first introduced to that show roughly ten years ago and I always found the episodes cute but never followed it too closely. But it’s one of those shows that I felt nostalgic for and I always told myself that I’d watch the entire series someday.

Last night I finally finished watching the entire nine seasons, think it took me a couple weeks - social distancing binge watching will do that to you (slowly making my way through DVD’s I bought and still haven’t been watched, with the library closed got no other choice). Anywho, currently watching the bonus disc and finding it really interesting how the show came about.

I will say that for years I’d heard complaints about the finale of this show so I was sorta dreading some sort of drop in quality by the end. No I don’t really see that happening, the show retains its cute quirkiness through the end even if some episodes get pretty bizarre. I do understand that the final part would have benefited from being longer since some big events get dropped and there’s hardly any time to absorb it... but I wouldn’t say it ruins anything.

Definitely a show worth watching.
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Stalking the...

About to finish another book series so I decided to look back on my list of books to see about finishing whatever series I had left unfinished. There was one oddball series I read back in 2012, the John Justin Mallory series by Mike Resnick. It's about a detective who pretty much lost all his clients being hired by an elf and transported to a realm of fantasy. Lots of puns and deus ex machinas, the series is entertaining enough. There were three books I read, with later a collection that includes those stories and some other short stories with the same character.

Anyways, I decide to look up the author and see if anything else was written in that series since - I kinda had hoped with the third book that there'd be some sort of conclusion to the series (perhaps sending the detective back home) but nope instead I find out that the author had passed away earlier this year.

You ever have something that you wouldn't exactly call a favorite thing but has this weird draw? Felt that a bit with the books. They didn't really strike me as something I would love but I went back and read all three after finding the cover and backstory of the first book in the series I read (which happened to be the third). Some things get me like that... almost like some weird feeling of nostalgia.

Sad to see the author go, he appears to have been prolific so I may need to check out some other examples of his writing at some point.


It's been a little over a year since I last logged onto the Comic Book Database and... well, apparently sometime last year the owner sold it. Really disappointing outcome. I had cataloged quite a few of my comics on that site and added a lot of titles, creators, and characters (from mostly indie stuff I'd acquired along the way) to the database.

So hey, change isn't always bad right? I check out the new owners link and... well the site to put it bluntly is garbage. It looks like it purged a lot of the user contributed stuff, and the layout looks chock full of ads and clickbait links. Decided almost immediately that I won't be setting up an account there... now I just gotta see if I can find a different comic book site to use. Sucks to lose have to re-catalogue the old stuff in addition to the new stuff but at some point I'm going to want to have a complete listing of everything in my collection - even though I'm not really buying too many new books these days.

The saddest loss is the stuff I added to the site that's gone forever. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way, the user added content felt akin to wikis like wikifur - it's almost entirely driven and maintained by devoted users. Feels like a betrayal that the site was sold to someone who just wanted some new ad space.
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Year in Review - 2019

Once again, Happy New Year! yada yada yada, I'm posting another year in review synopsis.

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The usual list of things that I've been doing very badly on completing. I definitely need to lose weight, getting to that age where it could have some serious repercussions if I don't get it under control. Although this isn't really a resolution, I plan on taking a trip with a friend to Ohio. He mentioned a store out there he'd been wanting to visit so I agreed to go with him, just gotta nail down the date. Also of note, will be going to my twenty year college reunion. I haven't been up there since the fifteenth, not much of a turnout for my class but maybe this next one will be better? In any case, love the area so even if the reunion itself fails to live up I'll enjoy the trip.