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FEDGE Weekend

Just got back from hanging out for a kewl weekend at martin_wuff's pad.

Number of furs there at various points during the weekend, including: beerhorse, catmandux, Darius, firefoxkac, lecarick, Logarth, pyrophin, shadowsofsanity, talliy, thilus, Tiberius, tigerman, wulven, as well as the very kewl non-fur Jason (who is instead, even awesomer, an Alfred alumn as well).

Mostly just chilled on friday, although I had a little trouble with the train. They made it sound that once I got on the transfer train at Bridgeport that the first stop after would be Derby-Shelton, which instead I find after jumping off that it's instead Stratford (which looked like part of the main line)... and er, got a little distracted by getting a free beer from a bunch of people that were kinda partying on the train ^.^;;;
Watched some movies and played some games - got some alkyholic punch which numbed me up a bit, didn't really get to sleep til like 5am so it was all good.

Saturday we got to work on the apartment a bit - heh, our 'furry eye' (which you would expect to being not very helpful) did indeed do some majore cleanup and organization on a couple of the rooms. They got some cables set up for networking - which came in helpful the next day when we got around to doing some networked Halo 2. Anyways, much more drinking and movie watching and stuff. Got to hear many a good tale from Walt and Jason bought stuff that of course happened the year after I graduated from Alfred, seriously - did all the good shit only happen after I left that nowhere town? heh, karate stories kickass ^.^ A good part of the day were some getting pretty damn far in Resident Evil 4 - a kickass game if ever there looked to be one, though it being played for like eight hours straight was a bit... taxing, especially since I don't want to watch too much of something like that if I plan to acquire it myself sometime. To my utter surprise, I put on Big Trouble in Little China and it got like very poor reactions. Like, wtf? That movie is up there on my list of entertaining b-movies, forget even b-movies - it kicks ass as goofy kung fu action movie, just plain wrong to be dissin' that gem. Didn't get to watch it all the way thru, between lack of sleep and drinking I stumbled out onto the mattress and falling asleep pretty quick - and heh, much fun to wake up mostly sober surrounded by my choice friendly furs :)

Sunday was a bit more of the chilling and stuff, all of us contributing to the sketchbook of memories for Walt. Played our Halo 2 networked, that's on my list if I ever do get me an X-Box myself. Watched some toons on Talliy's laptop, stuff from Wulven's ipod.

Big props to Watcher for doing all the cooking this weekend, and also to anyone that helped in contributions of food and drink and such. Much fun was had by all.

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