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Managed to check out MoCCA today (been a few years since I last made it to one), picked up a few nifty comics. On the way there though I kinda wished I wasn't so freakin' exhausted that I didn't go to the beach meet instead.

I checked out mister_f's table, also ran into octavius_rodens. Picked up some signed issues from artists I've enjoyed, the creator of The Mighty Skullboy Army, Pirates of Coney Island, and boxbrown. I also spotted silentkimbly and the creator of Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles, however I met both previously and wanted to just check out other comics I've never heard of before. Some pretty nifty stuff was there, too bad I didn't bring more money :P

Met up with rjwolf, we checked out a nearby theater (same place I had seen Bubba Ho-tep and City of God) but they didn't have anything we were interested in so headed back to Queens... wait, actually we did stop off at a crappy street fair first (books that were disorganized and which was too damn hot to deal with and then heaps of second class thrift clothes for sale). Headed over to nearby theater and saw Kung-fu Panda - a movie that is worth seeing (though I didn't like the match-up of some of the voice actors... actually, most of them). And despite what the Metro Newspaper says, Dustin Hoffman is a red panda - not a raccoon. When we got out we saw the theater was doing a little promotion, a guy in a panda suit selling pictures by the cut-out of Po. BTW, there is a slight thing at the end of the film - which lasts about three seconds and which isn't really worth waiting for unless you seriously don't have anything else to do (and if you're watching a kids movie that just may be the case).

Back to the apartment, watched much of cartoons and television shows ^.^
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