Freaky Lynx (freakylynx) wrote,
Freaky Lynx

FA United 2008

Meant to make this post earlier but got sidetracked, so memories aren't exactly fresh.

Convention started off a little rough, got stuck staying late at my job but luckily this is the closest and easiest cons ever for me to get to. Arrived and made my way there and noticed right away there were quite a few guests there that were... not with the convention and really would not mix with our group (quite rude people who would not even step further into the elevator even though half the space was still available and there were quite a few people waiting to get on... *hinthint* they spoke French).

Anyways, roomed with catmandux and stoneliongrowl.

There was a lot of relaxing this convention. Used the pool and hot tub a lot (and the hotel was really great in this regard). Got the new issue of Circles from the Dealer's Room, though I'm a bit surprised it took this long to produce... it feels a lot of Cerebus, it gets more and more bogged down in the narrative. I did a little bit of fursuiting, mostly sunday morning (but had a bit of a hangover so didn't do much with Ra'codo). I didn't get to see any of the bands, the fursuit parade was nice - I think there were 25 suits, fursuit games were nice also - though really really long musical chairs. Party for JD was fun as well.

Well, pictures speak louder than words and memories aren't fresh enough to add anymore though it's too bad I didn't take more :/


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