Freaky Lynx (freakylynx) wrote,
Freaky Lynx

Foxmas 2008

Last friday I started journey up to Rochester for Foxmas 2008.

Grabbed an 8 o'clock train up to Albany, though there was almost an hour delay due to a stalled train on our track. Picked up close to midnight by happypup, we headed back to his place at Rural Grove. Very nice house, first time seeing it. Chatted for a long while before grabbing a little bit of sleep.

We headed out around noon, stopped off at Turning Stone casino for some lunch. I had only been at this casino once before, a year prior when I was returning from Thousand Island with my parents. It's got a great buffet... not so great casino. We also saw a number of tables set out by the entrance, a number of folks selling trinkets and whatnot. There was one table in particular... I should've bought something from but I didn't, were a number of hanging wooden carvings (he used a thin wire to carve a number of designs - mostly involving trees).

Managed to arrive at thegreenarcher's house around 5pm. The party lasted most of the night and follwing morning, quite a lot of drinking plus some pizza and appetizers :P

Total attendance was about fifty people, included: catmandux, d_bandit, daddygoliath, jaspian, lilpup, stoneliongrowl, talliy, tigerman, vanilla_shad0w, woyro, and... a whole lot of others.

Some pictures from the party:

Tags: furry, party time!, photographs

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