Freaky Lynx (freakylynx) wrote,
Freaky Lynx

Furryball 2009

Well weekend is just starting but I feel like I've already got in quite a lot.

Wednesday after I got out of work I met up with tigerman and wulven and we headed out to PA for the New Year's party Furryball 2009. Basically how it runs down is there are six main party rooms, then if anyone else wants to set up their own party room that's also an option (though with the cold and already everything covered in the main rooms, not sure there were any other open-invite rooms). Lot of fun that night, between all the different rooms and then seeing people wandering around outside. Though I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped, recovering from a pretty fucked up cold so the entire time I was having fun I also was dealing with stuffed up nose, sore throat, lightheadedness, and hot/cold flashes. But anyways, it was worth attending. Though in the end... I did spend the last hour or so before the countdown watching South Park with Wulven and Zero :P
At that point, I was just completely exhausted - but then on the flipside, I was too sick to get much sleep ^.^;;;

Then next day the three of us first grabbed lunch with a bunch of others at a TGI Fridays and then headed to NJ to chill at falconeio and quentincoyote's place. Still a few people hanging since new years. Mostly watched a number of movies - I definitely enjoyed seeing Party Monster and it's documentary (I had avoided seeing that movie based on some review I had read but it was highly entertaining) and Remo Williams - hehe, great flick from the eighties.

Got home just a little while ago... probably going to sleep the rest of the weekend and hopefully get healthy just in time for the nightmare week I'll have at work ^.^
Tags: furry, party time!

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