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MoCCA 2009

Yesterday I attended the MoCCA Festival, a large exhibit of well known and not so well known comic artists. I didn't want to arrive too early, the thing gets a huge initial wave of people and then sort of evens out during the day - and given that it lasts from 11am until 6pm, you tend to have plenty of time to check out every table. So I arrive about a half hour after it is supposed to open... and see this monstrous line that wraps around the new building (this is its first year at the Armory). Near the end of the line I run into octavius_rodens, who lets me cut in front of a few people :P

The two of use chat with another guy who was in front of us, Danny, while waiting and waiting and waiting. August gives mister_f a call, hoping that since he is one of the exhibitors inside we might get the scoop on what's going on. Just a bit of an organization fuck-up regarding a number of things, the line finally starts to move sometime after twelve and we make it inside about quarter to one. This might have been annoying except the organizers gave a bit of a discount to the first major wave of people making it indoors, the cost for a one-day pass was dropped from $10 to $5. That pleased me :)

Now for the shorter but more interesting part of the post. First off we stopped at mister_f's table, which he shared with jaymarcy. Both August and I picked up a copy of his new book. While hanging around for a few minutes we ran into fl0e and scottmale.

This new location was quite a change from the old. The pluses would be that it offered more space, higher ceilings (you appreciate that more when you consider how many people are roaming around an enclosed area), quicker to reach from the subway, and perhaps that everyone was in one spot rather than in an off room where they might be missed. It's weird isn't it, something new might be an improvement overall but I still missed the personality of the old building - sure some people were on the second floor which required cramp, heated elevator rides, and sure sure it could be almost a bit of a maze to get from one end to the other with rooms of varying sizes which had to be explored so you could spot everyone's table - but the place had freakin' personality rather than being just one large square room! Ah well.

I did a once over of the layout before settling on buying anything more. One very large book that was on sale caught my attention with the style of art, reminded me a bit of something from my childhood. I was just finishing the purchase of The Curse of Catunkhamun when some guy started asking me about my shirt. I had picked up this shirt of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf earlier this year at the Comic-Con, so I let him take a couple pictures of it and he starts telling me about his own art. And it turns out that I was already familiar with his art, it was Alex Mancheno who is an artist on FA :P I did find out there was another furry artist at the convention, de Wylfin, who was selling a comic that had a bit with Cerebus. Seeing how I made a post recently concerning the Cerebus comic, I figured I'd buy a copy of that. Got a little annoyed that the artist wasn't prepared with change, if you're going to sell a comic for fifty-cents then you should bring a little, so I ended up buying it for more than its cost.

I made sure to stop by Rick Spears' table again. I've been wanting to see the final two issues of Pirates of Coney Island come out - and last year he said they should be out by the end of the year. Still not sure when the final two issues will be released, and per him he may release them together as a larger issue. He was selling this comic called Black Metal so I figured I'd pick that up in the meantime.
Saw Jacob Chabot's Mighty Skullboy Army table, conveniently next to Joe's table, unfortunately nothing new available since Comic Con earlier this year :/
Some other comics I picked up included Welcome to the Port which was a collection of art plus a short comic, Beyond the Canopy - the cover just reminded me of a game like Maple Story, a two-comic collection of 24 hour comics: Tor the Mini-Taur & Ballad of Basil the Bunny, and Adventure Underfoot which had some cute artwork.
Another other great comic picked up was the first two issues of After-School Agent - the covers, the concept, the art worked for me - and after reading the issues, I made a good choice. After flipping through this three page comic called Alligator Day! I picked that up as well, very cute storyline.

There were some things I just couldn't buy however. I really love Michael DiMotta's art but I just missed an opportunity to buy one of his books (the person in front of me bought the last copy) and unfortunately he didn't sell prints of some of his stuff I really liked.
There were some prints I would have bought under other conditions, one which I thought was too much ($25) and another which unfortunately I bought a similar print last year but still have yet to buy a frame for it so couldn't justify buying another print from that artist - though the print itself is great (one of the mice martial artists). Loved the Hi/Bye Bear but the frame and the t-shirt were a little high cost for my tastes.

When I finally left, I couldn't believe how exhausted I was. Just wandering around checking out comics really can take a lot out of you :P
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