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MoCCA 2010

This past saturday I headed over to the MoCCA Festival (what is this, fifth year that I've attended?). Their current location, the Armory, is definitely an improvement from the old one a couple years back. Although it doesn't have the personality, with all the nooks and crannies where you can hide comic book artists in, it is not blazingly hot and you can mostly get around without too many tight squeezes. Might just be me but felt like there were fewer dealers this year, not by a lot but... maybe? Stayed a good part of the time, just when I was doing one last sweep to see if there was anything I might like to grab I ran into mightyomnivore, or rather he found me. Chatted for a bit before heading our separate ways. Also of note, several people complimented my shirt ^.^

In terms of what I bought that on first glance stands out (I'm sure once I actually have a chance to read this stuff I'll have a revised opinion on the worth getting vs not). The Topactoco tables seemed the most crowded, for good reason I'd say. Picked up the first volume of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and a copy of his Sparklelord print. Also at that section I picked up a print for Alien Loves Predator.
Bought a bunch of books that were inspired by CYOA called... *I'll fill in the blank later* Some comic called The Last Wash (about a water demon living in a washing machine and some guy helping to feed it victims). The next two issues of Beyond the Canopy (bought first issue at MoCCA last year) and also the three issues of Flamingo Island (passed up the first issue last year, changed my mind this year). New issue of The Mighty Skullboy Army; the first collection of Tiny Kitten Teeth. Got a book and a print from Michael DiMotta (still didn't have the prints I wanted, maybe email him if he could start offering them as prints). One artist had some real nifty stuff on display, Khary Randolph, some pictures I was hoping to buy prints of... but then it turned out to just be examples of his portfolio and mainly he was there just to take commissions, and the prints/books he was selling didn't really interest me :/

Had a good time, for those who enjoy comics something like this is fun to attend. Might not find always find a lot you'd like to buy, and honestly there's a lot of the 'edgy' kinda grotesque art I really don't like, but you can also find some realy gems.

Later that night I met up with catmandux and we both went to see Hot Tub Time Machine - worth seeing!
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