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MoCCA 2011

Visited the MoCCA Festival earlier today, an annual exhibit featuring mostly indie comic writers and artists.


Same as last year, located in the Armory on Lexington and 25th Street. They reshuffled the tables a little, felt a bit more spaced out. This helped a bit with the traffic flow, up until the peak hour where it was just overrun with folks, but also eliminated some of the positives such as the section in the back where some tables were set up last year for people to look through their purchases and just relax. This year chatted quite a bit with octavius_rodens, mister_f, as well as mightyomnivore and his friend. Later on also ran into auradeva. A lot of fun reminiscing with folks I either see sporadically or very rarely, I'd forgotten how much I'd missed that. Also like last year, got quite a bit of compliments on my shirt from random passersby :P

Quite a number of comics picked up this year, though the ones I'm not sure which ones to highlight here. I picked up Volume 2 and 3 of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja - something I should have done last year but hesitated due to... well probably money :P Second Volumne of Tiny Kitten Teeth, issues 4/5 and 6 of Life is Good, two more books from the Twisted Journeys series (a sort of comic-ized Choose Your Own Adventure book). Jacob Chabot was here again but no new issues of Mighty Skullboy Army :(

In the completely new stuff category I picked up a cute little comic called Wall Street Cat, first issue of Mystic Creatures, and a tpb of Zita the Spacegirl (the art and possibly main character I remember seeing in an issue of Flight awhile back).

Also this year there seemed to be a number of revised bundles of comics I'd bought in previous years. Beyond the Canopy was collected in one bundle (I'd bought the first three issues in previous years) with a new fourth chapter so I picked that up, also Grune was just a collection of the two issues I'd previously picked up but it also added some character bios and according to the artist he cleaned up some of the lettering or something so I decided to add that to my collection also.
Per the advice of August we chatted for a bit with the artist of Rat Bastard, Cliff Galbraith. Interesting guy. I'll definitely be checking out his older stuff if nothing else, when it becomes available for sale, and probably the new stuff as well (as he said, he much prefers how he draws these days compared to the older stuff). I did fancy the design of his main character, wish he had brought some stuff with him to read but space was limited, I picked up one of the shirts just to keep it fresh in my head.

One of the problems of course with indie comics, less chance you'll see a resolution to whatever storylines might've grabbed you. There have been issues I've picked up at this con and then hoped to see a continuation the following year or possibly at ComicCon or whatever and then... you either forget about the original series or you never see/hear about the artist again. It's hard to get invested in something which might last awhile or just one short burst of creativity and then the predictable end in limbo. Ah well, that's the chance you take with any series really - I wonder what's worse: a short burst of interesting release of issues or a drop in quality and a series of issues that just goes on for what feels like forever.

Per usual had a great time attending, it's always fun to see what folks outside the mainstream releases of comics are producing. And although my own tastes tend not to be represented a whole lot within what was sold at this event, I do have a taste for what's different and I'm willing to pick up and try what they've got (though it's a gamble between what you're willing to spend on that chance if it doesn't immediately grab you).

Always next year again I suppose...
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