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FAU 2011 recap

This past weekend I attended the fourth FA United convention out in New Jersey. Traveled with tigerman out of the much congested NY and arrived early afternoon for the con. I was planning to just register as a regular attendee but the swag caught my eye and I upgraded to super sponsor. I've been toying with a new fursona for a long time, during the course of the con I did come up with one I may ultimately go with, for this con I registered under yet another different character name which may get used for a fursuit idea... assuming money and commissioning work out sometime down the road (not likely this year) ^.^;;;

This is the second year FAU has occupied this same Marriott ML Hotel in NJ - years previous to that they had moved from one to another from year to year. The hotel isn't bad... but it could be better (con-space areas are limited, set-up is a bit awkward, pool always closed... :( ).

Started off by checking out the Dealer's Den, bought a couple comics, talked with someone who has knowledge about two comics I would like to see more issues of (btw, Circles and Coyote River still have no light at the end of the tunnel yet maintain an agonizing bit of hope that at least one new issue could be completed rather quickly if other matters weren't complicating things :/ ).

Mostly spent this con chatting with friends or folks I've only just begun to know (had a great geeky comic conversation with two NJ furs who met through Watcher at the last FAU, people I've known in NY and elsewhere, etc). Spent a great deal of time in the Con Suite (btw, fantastic job by shy_matsi for providing food and company during the course of this weekend). Tried out the Smash Brothers Melee tournament, failed; tried other fighting games and was reminded how out of practice I am.

Fursuit parade was of is a staple of my convention experience these days. Though as noted earlier, the hotel layout does not really make that easy - waiting in the set-up area should not be so many times longer than the parade itself, I much prefer a longer parade ^.^;;;
I have to note that more thought needs to go into the final group photo. We lined up in the parking lot at the end but to get everyone in a shot it was someone's great idea to sit down several rows of fursuiters onto the pavement... the pavement that has been absorbing heat in 80 degree weather. As I felt the heat seeping through my costume I started to wonder if the fabric might get warped or melt a bit :/ I understand other cons have had fursuiters sit on pavement in the past but many of those take place in cooler weather. Someone who stopped by my room later also had the horrifying story that their suit ripped during that ordeal... a group photo ain't worth all that, maybe better to skip any group photos like that in future.

In general, FAU is a nice relaxing con. With work stuff now waiting for me the following week, it might have been better to arrive on saturday rather than earlier friday but I still enjoyed the weekend.
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