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Rock and Shock 2011: October 15

This past saturday I met up with my friend Derek in Cromwell and headed out to Massachusetts for Rock and Shock. When Derek had mentioned this convention some time ago it was funny how it coincided both with the timing of FurFright and with the location (he lives maybe twenty-minutes from where the Crowne Plaza hotel is located so managed to pick me up no problem). And actually when we were driving to the other convention I started to notice how a lot of things looked familiar - drove out this way maybe five or six years ago with some other friends to chill at Derek's apartment for the weekend.

The horror convention was a little over an hour away, not too far a drive though we both thought it best to arrive early and beat any lines. Immediately after we arrived at the con we headed to Robert Englund's booth (pretty much the head draw for this year's con). I'm glad we did because that line ballooned pretty quick. Both of us bought autographs and photos with this guy. We were hoping to also meet Heather Langenkamp but she had had to cancel due to a family emergency.

Before I go any further, what is it with charging for every little thing at this conventions? The last horror convention I attended was Chiller back in 2006, only a few celebs were charging for photos with them (this charge in addition to paying for an autograph in some cases). Back then I only experienced that with Paul Reubens, and frankly thought he was milking his bit of fame a tad much for that. Because that convention was in a more populated and visited area I considered it probably normal for the bigger stars to do that. Prior to that I attended Horrorfind 2003 through 2005, the celebs attending that convention only charged for an autograph (in almost all cases a lot more reasonable price than at Chiller) and nothing for a photo with them - that was the norm I was thinking would carryover into other horror conventions. But at Rock and Shock... every single actor I sought out was charging for both an autograph and a photo for them. Unless they had some sort of combo-'deal' of buying something or paying a specific price, the cheapest you could get a photo with them looked to be ten bucks (Krueger charged the most at twenty). So that was kind of a bummer, for me it just means I don't attend these types of conventions too often and will probably limit who I seek out to just those I really want to seek out, so any of you celebs wondering why you're not making too much at these conventions - greed of those other guests around you has consequences.

Derek and I both jumped on the line for Lance Henriksen next (out luck held out because it was a short line when we jumped on but not too much longer it wrapped around quite a bit - and throughout the con that seemed one of the most consistently long line). Man, that guy looks like shit - I guess that comes from leading long and awesome life ;) Very nice in person though. Bought a copy of his book (one of the deals which got a signature and a picture with him).

At this point we thought we'd run through all our must meet celebs fairly quickly but then... we got on the Gary Busey line. Someone in the previous line had told us he was at his booth (it was too crowded to get a good look at that point) so we figured get that out of the way too. Maybe a half-hour after we got on the line we found out he hadn't even arrived yet (the line had been moving slowly but only because people we giving up and going somewhere else). So we stood and chatted and bitched with a few other people around us, finally after maybe an hour total of being on line I decided to jump off and see Jake Busey instead (Derek was only looking for one more autograph from the con, considering the prices we'd endured, so he didn't care one way or another). Jake's line was almost not even a line with being so short. Now there was a laidback guy, he didn't even get around to asking what I wanted - just chatted with me for a bit while lounging in what looked like a chair snagged from a hotel lobby :P He mentioned how it's been over a month since he was last home and how he's looking forward to seeing his dog and his tempur-pedic bed ^.^;;; I asked him about when we'll be seeing Shasta McNasty on dvd, he mentioned having a bunch of copies on vhs that the director had given him - I told him I hope he considers bringing them to future conventions, love to see that show available.

Before grabbing some lunch Derek pointed out a table selling a couple documentaries on Nightmare on Elm Street - he highly recommended that I pick up a copy. Ended up getting that and a documentary on Return of the Living Dead.

Grabbed a quick snack and the very expensive concession stand, wandered around the dealer's room a bit - bought a shirt with zombie Darkwing Duck. Ended the con with the final actor we both were glad to see - Roddy Piper. Earlier in the day we heard an announcement that Roddy had undergone some surgery or something but would still be attending, just to be careful because he'd be wearing a neckbrace. So it was understandable he was a bit late to his table. We ended up in line behind one of the guy's at Gary's line (Gary showed up to his table maybe a half hour after we had left it) - he actually thought Gary came off as a bit of a douche, though I couldn't quite figure out why he thought that - sounded like because the guy didn't make much smalltalk and just did the signing and the picture and that was it, personally that didn't seem too odd to me. Helped the guy get a couple decent photos with Roddy and he took ours as well (saved a few bucks because Derek and I got a photo with him together so we could split the ten buck photo charge ^.^;;; ).

Or actually, we didn't end the con with Roddy - while in line for him we spotted Gary at his table and made note to check him out next. While waiting though we did... experience some of Gary's more recenty Gary-ness - such as him slapping the table repeatedly and screaming out "I'm happy to meet everyone at this convention!" and a couple other lines. When I finally got over to him I had my Roddy autograph in hand, Gary pointed to it and asked 'Who is that?' I reply 'Your neighbor' (pointing to the table next to his) 'Roddy Piper.' He shook his head, 'I don't know who that is' 'He was in the movie They Live,' another shake of the head, 'uhhh, he's a wrestler?' Another shake of his head and then he signed the picture of his I picked from Point Break. Got my picture with him and then we vamoosed.

Headed back to Cromwell, ate at the great Joey Garlic's restaurant (huge portions, couldn't even finish my grinder). At the hotel I showed Derek around a bit, introduced him to some folks (a couple of which he had last seen at FF 2003 when I brough him and Rick to their first and up until that point only furry cons :P ).

One thing I forgot to mention, a number of actors had canceled for this convention (I think fairly last minute). There were a number of actors from the tv show The Walking Dead who were on the guest list - AMC had put out some sort of statement basically saying that Comic Con was a larger venue so they decided they'd get more publicity going to that con instead. Then two of the actors from Boondock Saints did the same - canceling for R&S and switching to Comic Con.
Now... it stinks that both conventions fell on the same weekend but what the fuck?! It's not like this scheduling conflict came out of the blue, for the better part of the year you know which weekend these conventions are going to fall. If you're signed up for one then it's a pretty dick move to cancel so you can attend something else so close to the date of the convention. Thankfully none of these people were of any real interest to me for autographs or pictures, I do feel sorry for any attendees who decided to attend on the promise of meeting one of these actors. If these guys are looking for good PR, they blew it for anyone attending R&S this past weekend.






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