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MoCCA Fest 2017

This past saturday I attended MoCCA Fest again, I'll edit this post later this week to give shout outs to the comics I picked up I think are worth mentioning.

Many of the previous years I'd attended both days, usually felt like an itch to go in case I missed some creator or comic, but not this year... not sure if it was anything I felt was missing this time or just not really being into it. Could be a bit of both, though I stuck around for just under three hours which is far less than I remember doing in past years; kinda realized that I had the same sort of beginning disappointment when I arrived there which later vanished after I did a second walk around (it's weird how you sometimes things don't catch your interest until you get a second glance).

Part of what I think turned me off is the hit or miss nature of these small press / creator-driven comics. There are just a lot of topics and art styles that just don't click with me, I think personally I prefer the slightly more cartoony look with stories involving fantasy / scifi adventures - and it helps if the characters are animalish. This year I guess I just noticed more of the cruder art style I'm not a fan of, coupled with far too much political driven storylines. I got to comics for an escape, not to read someone else's rant.

Not much else I can add in here until I go back and update with some actual comics, though I will say I've grown to really dislike the building they've been using to host his event for the past two or three years. It's cramped, it's hot... I mean it's pretty similar to the place they hosted at when I first started going (though that one seemed a bit more disorganized, though had a bit more personality). Wish they could go back to the Armory in midtown - one big open space with tall ceilings and near the subway, had some of its own issues of course but by far my favorite location in all the years I've attended.

I'll update this section further when I get a chance, hopefully later this week.
One comic that really stood out in my mind this year, though I only flipped through it so far and read a few pages: Little Red Fish. Protagonists appear to be fish and told mostly from their pov, their fights with others underwater as well as the main antagonists, the predatory storks. The artist had five issues on his table which he said completed the story, so I bought all five. There also appeared to be a tpb of another story involving fish in that universe but I decided to stick to the other story.
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