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PAX East / MoCCA Fest 2019

Thought I’d jot down a quick entry for both these conventions.

Attended Pax this past weekend, another year of seeing a large selection of games. I haven't been playing board games too often these days but did manage to pick up a couple (Trash Pandas and a battle game involving samurai - though the name escapes me at the moment). Met up with banditkir and his friend, grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant and caught up a bit; later met for drinks and dinner after the convention. Played a number of indie games, including Feral Frontier which is something I've been following on twitter for awhile.
Because I didn't know my schedule in advance for this weekend, when I bought the tickets for PAX back in November I decided to go for both Saturday and Sunday - in hindsight was a bit of a mistake. Because of quarter close at my job I couldn't take monday off so I decided to leave early on sunday, and I had mostly seen everything that interested me in general anyways. I did manage to play Brawhalla, they had it set up so challengers could face one of the creators. Guy was an excellent player, he barely got any losses against all challengers. I had played this game once before at the previous year's PAX so I knew I wasn't going to beat him but tried anyways, as a goof I decided to play Rayman with the demonic skin, he played the frog guy from that same game with a similar skin. It was mostly me smashing buttons but I did manage to knock him out once which entitled me to win a pin. That was pretty much the highlight for sunday, ended up leaving hours early so I could make it back to NY for another grueling week at work.

The following weekend I attended MOCCA Fest, an indie comic book festival. Ran into mister_f who I haven't seen in a long time and chatted for a bit. Nothing really stuck out for me comic book wise but I found myself doing my usual thing of not seeing anything at all that I wanted the first go around but then picking up a number of books the second time walking around both floors. I've been pretty much burned out on the mainstream comics these days, always looking for something new that clicks with me. As mentioned there was nothing that really sparked joy-joy feelings but I did pick up some books that looked interesting enough. I neglected to list the pick-ups the past year or so but have them set aside as I write this post so I don't do that again this year ;)
Of the stuff I picked up, A Lone Deer At the End of the World (very little dialogue but pretty art, a deer walking around an dilapidated but futuristic mall after the end), Above the Timberline (great looking book, what caught my eye was the creator was there so I saw decided to pick up a copy and get it autographed. It's mostly a novel with illustrations on most pages, makes me think of a cross of Dinotopia and the Golden Compass). Vincent Book One - Guide to Love, Magic and RPG (cute book with anthro characters, I think the author described it as sorta 'How I Met Your Mother' type storyline, I haven't gone through it yet to confirm or not). The Circus (short comic about a circus that uses people transformed into animals). Also bought a 2018 special issue release of Regular Show, couldn't remember if I had already owned it or not. And lastly, bought some stickers and birthday cards I'll probably use for upcoming birthdays of friends and family. Because I didn't see a whole lot to buy I decided not to return for a second day, that and the entrance fee this year seemed like it had increased from last year.
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