Freaky Lynx (freakylynx) wrote,
Freaky Lynx

Furry Picnic 2019

Attended the Furry Picnic this past weekend with happypup, Parker, and Soron. First time I've been able to attend, looks like it's the sixth year this event has happened. Was a lot of fun and tasty food; also managed to chat with coyoty while there.
Day before I stopped by the CT Diner Meet, I think the last time I attended was the year before... and the time before that was, I think after seeing Iron Man 2? ^.^;;;

Wandered around the park after filling up on food, lots of nice gardens of different styles. Also managed to wander around the small aviary they had there. Hopefully I'll be able to attend again next year though might have to skip it, this was the same weekend as my college reunion - this year was an off year so it was an easy decision to side with attending the event where I'd catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. However next year will be a milestone, twenty-year reunion so I'll likely attend that if the weekends overlap again; I haven't been to my college since my fifteen year, there is also some family from my dad's side that lives in that area that I've visited in the past so gotta go with that hopefully next year.

On drive home I decided to take a detour and visit a brewery that a friend recommended in New Paltz, the Gilded Otter. Had a couple of their local beers, was tasty; I plan to revisit that place again when I'm not fully so I can also try their menu ;)

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