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It's been a little over a year since I last logged onto the Comic Book Database and... well, apparently sometime last year the owner sold it. Really disappointing outcome. I had cataloged quite a few of my comics on that site and added a lot of titles, creators, and characters (from mostly indie stuff I'd acquired along the way) to the database.

So hey, change isn't always bad right? I check out the new owners link and... well the site to put it bluntly is garbage. It looks like it purged a lot of the user contributed stuff, and the layout looks chock full of ads and clickbait links. Decided almost immediately that I won't be setting up an account there... now I just gotta see if I can find a different comic book site to use. Sucks to lose have to re-catalogue the old stuff in addition to the new stuff but at some point I'm going to want to have a complete listing of everything in my collection - even though I'm not really buying too many new books these days.

The saddest loss is the stuff I added to the site that's gone forever. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way, the user added content felt akin to wikis like wikifur - it's almost entirely driven and maintained by devoted users. Feels like a betrayal that the site was sold to someone who just wanted some new ad space.
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