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I haven’t made an update here in a long time, even longer since an actual update rather than just fluff like what I’m watching or reading. Before I get to real news, finally been playing with my PS4. Played a bit of Conan Exiles, some Sekiro, and a few of the indie games I’ve picked up - really loving Dead Cells, super addictive.

Back to real life...

A week ago from today I had another operation on my foot, yes that saga continues and feels never ending. I’ve been seeing a new podiatrist for the past 2+ years roughly and she told me awhile back the only real way to alleviate my constant pain would require another operation. So with the lockdown and working from home, I figured the time was perfect to go through with it. My plans haven’t quite worked out as I’d hoped because I wanted to actually lose weight before the operation and that’s... not happened.

Prior to the operation I was told that the way my foot had healed from my previous bunion surgery I would have to have the bone repositioned, this would require breaking the foot, using a screw to keep it in the new position and let it heal. I was also recommended shortening my second toe (long story short, the first bunion surgery resulted in my big toe being a little shorter so my second toe was now longest and I frequently deal with developing calluses). I thought about that recommendation but decided against it, you lose a lot of movement in that toe because they fuse a joint, I’m not ready for dealing with another long term consequence like that.
Anyway, day of the operation as I’m sitting in the surgical gown my doctor and the other podiatrist who would be assisting tell me they talked it over and don’t think my operation will require more than just removing some bone and shaving the sesamoid bone.

So I’m off from work this week recovering and hoping this fixes the issues I’ve been dealing with the past six years (namely daily pain in my foot). As has been stated before, wish I never got that bunion surgery in 2014. A classic case of the cure being worse than the disease.

I should also mention that back in August I was transferred to a different group at my job. I was asked back in January, maybe a little earlier, that they were thinking of doing a re-org and was I interested in moving to this other group, who my manager told me would be a great move and he was sure I’d love - it also sounded like more work with no new pay. I told him I was comfortable where I was so sorry no. Flash forward to July and I’m told you’re moving to the new group in two weeks. So there’s been that added pressure on me this year...

I’d also like to mention even shittier news. But first I’ll go on a bit of a tangent... so a couple weeks before surgery I was able to reschedule my six month cleaning at the dentist, because I’d rather not have to go there while still in recovery mode or skip it entirely. My operation was originally scheduled for Thursday the 12th, I luckily made a dentist appointment for that Wednesday morning. Then Monday I’m called by podiatrist asking if they can reschedule my surgery to Wednesday (keep in mind I scheduled this surgery time almost two months ago), I’m like sure but gotta be in afternoon because I have a morning appointment - so told 3pm (which means I have to arrive at 2pm for pre-surgery prep). Then I’m at the dentist, I just got new x-rays and they’re gonna start the cleaning and I get a call from surgical center saying can I come in an hour early? Ugh, I’ll try. I did manage to get there early so I’m glad at that at least, though I didn’t get out of dentist until a little after 11 so I was worried I wouldn’t make it.

Had to get that gripe down, but now for the shitty news. So when I first arrived to dentist office I found out my dentist Dr Shin had passed away earlier this summer. I last saw him in July but apparently he had a heart attack in August. He was only 41. Good dentist. Really liked the guy, RIP :(
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