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Year in Review... 2020

So yeah... 2020. What can I really say about this year other than it happened, a real monkey wrench in the cogs of our life.

Not sure about structuring this recap like I’ve done others since feels like far less to say. Two notable traditions in my life were maintained before my life went into lockdown. I attended PAX East and enjoyed volunteering/fursuiting with the usual crew at the Kidz Expo.

Oh another item I’m glad to have accomplished before the lockdown, I managed to see the updated Muppet exhibit in February at the Museum of the Moving Image. Specifically because it had on display items from Dark Crystal Age of Resistance tv show. I still have yet to see this show and... it didn’t get renewed for a second season, but the display was fantastic. And I did manage to watch some clips of the show so there’s that also - looked cute.
I think it has been about six years or so since I last stepped foot in this museum, also to see some muppets on display. Oof, I wonder if I’ll ever get to do that again or other fun memories I have of being in the city - more and more feels like all that is firmly stuck in the past with no chance of revisiting outside my memory.

Then pretty much immediately after that, in March things just... kinda came to a halt. Not time of course, that marched on, but living. To the point that the remainder of the year became a blur.

I did manage a short camping trip with family up at Wellesley Island, though it was much condensed and did not include a number of things I’ve done in the past (crossing into Canada was straight out, and the two nearest towns were mostly closed down). But I did manage to do some kayaking, hiking, fishing, and a little bit of swimming (late September but got lucky with the weather so not too bad). Some casino trips.

But no NYC Comic Con and this is... second year without attending any furry conventions? Also second year without volunteering at the MS Walk at the CIA, last year the weather sucked and this year the year just sucked.

College reunion was canceled, though it was mentioned they’d try to combine our year with those coming for the 2021 reunion so we’ll see what happens. I hope it doesn’t conflict with my upcoming High School reunion, and if it does... not sure what I’d pick.

Not that I was prepared to run in it but I was also signed up for the NYC marathon - they’ve told us it’ll get rescheduled for some future year but that’s the last I heard.

I saw some hometown friends just twice each after the lockdowns started and that’s like the extent of my socializing for majority of year. Quite depressing.

Earlier in the year, August, I was transferred to a different group. The jury is still out on how that will work out. I’m not feeling like I’m getting much direction on what I should be doing in my day to day. But I’m also just kinda exhausted mentally at this company so that’s not helping either. Also of note is I celebrated my 15 year anniversary working there though again because of the lockdown that’s been anti-climactic. I would have been due a lunch with co-workers, I was looking forward to dining on the executive floor... especially since our building is sold and we’ll be moving to a different office building in 2021. But... nope, no luncheon of course or even acknowledgement that that perk is gone. So much for that I guess.

What else can I really say about this year? Hardly read any books or watched new movies. I did get to enjoy watching some great shows - anime wise I watched quite a bit of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and My Hero Academia. Started going through other DVD’s I bought but haven’t touched and picked up even more to fight the boredom. Early in the lockdown I binged on Seinfeld, rewatching the entire series in order. Got through all of How I Met Your Mother (brought up some feels with remembering how I was first introduced to that show). Deep Space 9 is another one - not sure if I had watched it all when it originally aired but I’ve seen them all now. Brisco County Jr I bought on a whim and watched all the way through, that’s a show I definitely didn’t see all of during its original airing. The eighties Thundercats cartoon... and right now working my way through Burn Notice, almost done with that.

I’d been seeing a new podiatrist and physical therapists the past couple years, the ongoing issues I’ve had with my foot ever since I went through with bunion surgery in 2014. I was told last year that the continuing pain is likely due to some bone pushing against the nerves. This year seems perfect for getting surgery, since working from home means I wouldn’t put too much strain on it while recovering so I scheduled the operation for mid-November since that would be about the only slow time of the year. I then rescheduled my dentist appointment for the day before the operation (which then of course my podiatrist called me a couple days before that and needed to reschedule for day of dentist so it’d be the afternoon after my teeth cleaned), get my six month cleaning done. Speaking of the dentist, at the start of the lockdown I experienced severe pain in one of my teeth. Luckily I was able to make an appointment with my dentist, long story short (and it was a long story because it started in March and wrapped up in July) got a root canal and a crown. Anyway, back to dentist - found out my dentist passed away in August... I’m still shocked, the guy was younger than me and looked in better health (heart attack) plus I liked him and thought he was a good dentist. Ended up seeing one of their other dentists, wasn’t impressed by this guy... I’ll give him another shot, I wasn’t liking this office too much until I was seeing Dr Shin so might look for new dentist. Anywho, while at dentist podiatrist calls to move up my appointment another hour - so at this point I feel like cutting it close. But got there on time, operation went forward - still recovering but I’m doubtful it fixed the issues I had though *knock on wood* hope things improve.

What else to mention... a Best Buy at a mall near my hometown closed, it was there for about 20 years and the mall will not feel the same without it (assuming the mall survives this year).

Earlier this month I discovered by chance that an acquaintance/friend passed away. I’d not interacted with him in several years so I wasn’t sure what was going on with him outside once in a blue moon checking his Facebook account. Anyway on a whim checked his account and his last post sounded ominous so a combination of doing some more searching and reaching out to a close friend of his I got the story. Apparently in October/November Harroun experienced organ failure and was hospitalized. The damage seems to be due to some poor decisions he made while dealing with stress and depression. Near the end of November he was given his options at that point and... he decided to go with hospice care. He passed away at the end of the month, he was only 35.

I don’t want to end my recap of the year on that depressing note but I can’t think of anything else to say.

Oh... I guess I could say another tradition has been put on hold. The previous two years I spent December 31st after leaving work by grabbing a drink and a meal at this bar restaurant called The Dead Rabbit. Nice little place, a little expensive though, also gives off a furry vibe with some of the art it has. I passed by this place or had it pointed out to me by a coworker years ago, at least five years ago I think. I kept meaning to check it out and then I decided I’d go after working the half day at my job on NYE in 2018. It was nice, not great, but I liked the drink selection so I did it again the following year. I’d probably try to do it again this year if I wasn’t still recovering from my surgery, though it being NYC I’m betting it was probably not serving anyways. So... I guess that’s me leaving off on a more cheery note?

Wishing everyone the best, even those who I probably will never see again for one reason or another.
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