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So as of tonight I have finished reading Winds of Wrath, book 15 and the final installment of the Destroyermen series. I first started reading these books a decade ago beginning in 2011. And if I remember correctly I first became aware of it through TV Tropes.

I’m a fan of stories involving parallel worlds and through following those tropes I saw a series of some World War II ships and their crews being pulled into a more savage world. A world filled with dinosaurs and two warring factions of species that resembled talking humanoid lemurs and what appeared to be intelligent descendants of dinosaurs. I mean how could I resist?

The early books quickly pulled me into the series and I couldn’t get enough. I caught up to where the author had published but thankfully Taylor Anderson is very timely with his series, he managed to release a book a year - routinely publishing the next installment sometime in the summer.

I mean I will say the series started feeling stretched out around book 9 or 10, the pace felt slowed down. Honestly I wasn’t sure if he wanted to finish the series. Because of the lockdown I started reading book 15 a year later than I normally would have (have I mentioned all these were library copies?). So after I started the book I wondered if the following book was released yet... and found instead that this was the final book. It’s five hundred pages long but felt a bit rushed in wrapping up the storyline, at least compared to the previous few books.

However I am very glad this was the conclusion even if I think at least one more book could have been published. I was losing some interest in the series but I am happy how it ended... and that I can now spend more energy reading some other series I started reading years ago ;)
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