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Neither here...

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Freaky Lynx
ATTENTION SYSTEM ADMINS: in the event of my death please delay any memorial status until February of the following year. This will allow enough time for any remaining scheduled entries to post.

Look, livejournal is not very active these days - as far as I can see with the circles I travel in so I've decided to change my lj a bit to reflect that. It'll be mostly me talking to myself when I post here, you may notice that a lot of the entries are either notes to myself or interesting articles I've decided to repost here for posterity. In some ways this is good (a lot of my old posts were dumb memes... which I may delete to clean things up a bit) and in a way it's bad (I did really make an effort in the earlier days to write down a summary of things I was up to...).

If this ain't doing it for you, I'm on Facebook (RL name... unfortunately my furry account was deleted because it was a fake name) or Twitter (randomlynx for general stuff, I also have an AD account). I also have a FurAffinity account - same name as LJ, though up til now hasn't received a lot of attention. Lastly, there's a DreamWidth account with the same name as this, though currently I don't plan on doing anything more than mirror some entries on that site that are first posted here.

Haven't been using these much but... I've created the following communities on livejournal:

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